La Manufacture Cogolin has produced rugs of unrivalled elegance, hand-knotted or woven by local craftswomen on 19th Century looms in a small village near Saint-Tropez since 1924.

The studio draws on the heritage of the past and innovations of the present. Its floral and geometric high-relief patterns and colourful palette remain as recognisable as ever, decorating palaces, embassies, luxurious residences and yachts around the world.

Each Cogolin rug is a unique piece crafted by artisans. Its handlooms, equipped with Jacquard mechanisms, date from the 1880s. The Jacquard mechanism combines needles, cylinders and punch-cards which function like sheet music, guiding hooks that raise threads according to the placement of holes in the cards to create textured designs and elaborate patterns.

The line Cogolin et les Mains du monde marks the return of the hand knotted rug to the studio’s collections: its collaborations with selected workshops in Nepal enable the realisation of drawings from Cogolin’s rich archives.

The Cogolin palette is made up of 200 colours based on 32 luminous shades. Developed exclusively for La Manufacture, the dyes are produced according to the highest environmental standards and are used on the most noble of natural materials: wool, cotton, jute, linen, silk and raffia.